Frequently asked questions including what is sports physio, how to manage back pain and more

At Barolin Physiotherapy Services, we want to help you feel confident before your first appointment. Browse our most frequently asked questions for some need-to-know information or get in touch with our friendly front office staff.

A. It will depend on the issue you’re seeing us for, so if you’re concerned, please speak to our front office staff at time of booking. Generally, we recommend a loose shirt and shorts for men, and a loose or strappy top and shorts for ladies. For sports performance appointments, please bring your runners/trainers.

A. The Australian Physiotherapy Association explains it best. They say,“Physiotherapy extends from health promotions to injury prevention, acute care, rehabilitation, maintenance of functional mobility, chronic disease management, patient and carer education and occupational health.”

A. A sports physiotherapist has undertaken the same training as a general physiotherapist, with the addition of specialised theoretical study and practical training in injuries and conditions related to athletes and sports.

A. As back pain can be caused by everything from an accident to heavy lifting, it’s difficult to give a blanket answer for all cases. An appointment with a physiotherapist can help you learn how to prevent back pain as well as treat current symptoms, if they’re present.

A. Your first appointment will be a consultation where we enquire about your medical history and assess your condition. We may ask you to perform a few mobility exercises, however it depends on what the issue you have. Our physiotherapists will walk you through the process and future treatment plans.


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